Pulse – Open source SaaS metrics


  • Transparency – Easily drill down and see how metrics are calculated at the customer level
  • Open source & Private – The entire app is open source and easy to self host
  • Extensible & Hackable – Have some weird edge case you need to exclude? Easily update your data model with a little SQL.
  • Push first – Metrics can be pushed to Slack, Sheets, and email so you don’t need to check yet another dashboard




There is a free hosted version here


Google Sheets

  1. Go to the Sheet you want to connect to Pulse
  2. Click “Share” in the top right
  3. Share the sheet with [email protected]
  4. Add the Spreadsheet ID (long ID in the Sheet URL) and sheet name to https://pulse.trypaper.io/settings

Sheets Auth


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