ui-sora by tiktax.io


This library is built with 5 goals in mind:

  • To be fully customizable, if it exist as a css property it can be achieved. Any css property can be passed as props to any component. Being able to add all existing css properties to any component and not limiting just by strict “appearance” or “theme” props.
  • To support easy and fast theme-customization. Rapidly and globally customize just what you need.
  • To be mobile first and accessible. Some popular libraries are designing clickable elements without thinking how uncomfortable they are when using your finger.
  • To adapt to the current trends on UI/UX Design. The theme of the latest version should not be less modern that the top voted designs on Dribbble on the current month.
  • To have full TypeScript support and follow best practises.

Get started

Install the library with npm or yarn

npm install ui-sora


yarn add ui-sora

Import your components

All components are imported from index. No need to specify a subdirectory.

import { Button, Badge, Tooltip } from 'ui-sora'

Further documentation

A documentation site will be built soon. Meanwhile, we recommend run storybook to see your components in action. Clone or fork our repository: https://github.com/tiktax-io/ui-sora and install all dependencies with npm install or yarn.

Run npm run dev or yarn dev right afterwards.


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