P13nify Everything – Personalization for Any Control

Made with ❤️ for UI5Con Hybrid 2022


In this tutorial you can learn how to add personalization capabilities to almost every control. If you have a custom control that you would like to enhance with filtering, sorting, or other options this tutorial is for you.

You will be lead through the enablement of a custom control using the assets provided by UI5. You can also learn, how to use those assets to enhance your application with personalization capabilities. You should be able to apply your knowledge afterwards in your own application or control development.

UI5 Components in Focus

  • sap.m.p13n.Engine
  • sap.ui.fl.variants.VariantManagement


The sap.m.p13n.Engine is currently in the status experimental. It is included in UI5 and usable, but we are still considerung minor changes of the API. This is why for productive usage you should wait for the public release, which we plan for one of the next UI5 versions. Thank you for your understanding!


  • Intermediate UI5 knowledge (e.g. application or control development)
  • Tools: git, Node.js
  • Code Editor


  1. Setup the Application
  2. Custom Table for P13n (sources, run app)
  3. Engine Registration (sources, run app)
  4. Column Selection (sources, run app)
  5. Sorting and Grouping (sources, run app)
  6. Changing Control State (sources, run app)
  7. Grid Filter Control (sources, run app)
  8. Filtering the Table (sources, run app)
  9. Info Toolbar for Filters (sources, run app)
  10. Customizations and Clear Filters (sources, run app)
  11. VariantManagement (sources, run app)

Final Application

This is the application you build during the tutorial:

Sample Application

Have a look now!



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