oop5: develop p5 apps with OOP

Tired of working with single-file p5.js sketches? This package has a solution for you, providing oop abstraction over p5.js functionality.

Install package

$ npm i oop5

Almost done!

Configure webpack or just use my configuration file. It will bundle your code and setup server with live reload.

To start application run

$ npx webpack serve

If you use my config file, your application will be available at localhost:9000

How to use oop5

Example of index.ts file

import { OOP5 } from "oop5";
import { MyComponent } from "./components/MyComponent";

class App extends OOP5 {
  private canvasSize!: {
    height: number;
    width: number;

   * Function called before setup function.
   * Do not use any p5 related methods here as p5 has not
   * been initialized yet.
   * */
  protected init(): void {
    this.canvasSize = {
      height: 500,
      width: 500,

    this.components = [
      new MyComponent(),
      new MyComponent(),
      new MyComponent(),
      new MyComponent(),
      new MyComponent(),

  /* This is same as p5.js setup function*/
  protected setup(): void {
    this.app.createCanvas(this.canvasSize.width, this.canvasSize.height);


  /* This will run through components and init them */
  private initComponents() {
    this.components.forEach((component) => {

  /* This is same as p5.js draw function*/
  protected draw(): void {
    //loop through array of components and draw each of them.
    this.components.forEach((component) => {
// Don't forget to call an instance of App somewhere
new App();

Example of MyComponent file

import { BaseComponent } from "oop5";

export default class MyComponent extends BaseComponent {
  private diameter = 50;
  private x!: number;
  private y!: number;
  public init() {
    this.x = this.app.random(0, this.app.width);
    this.y = this.app.random(0, this.app.height);

  public draw(): void {
    this.app.circle(this.x, this.y, this.diameter);

Any p5.js methods or enums are available via this.app in classes that extends OOP5 or BaseComponent


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