Zotero PDF Translate

This is an add-on for Zotero 6. It provides PDF translation for Zotero inner PDF reader.

Quick Start Guide


  • Download the latest release (.xpi file) from the Releases Page
    Note If you’re using Firefox as your browser, right click the xpi and select “Save As..”
  • In Zotero click “Tools” in the top menu bar and then click “Addons”
  • Go to the Extensions page and then click the gear icon in the top right.
  • Select Install Add-on from file.
  • Browse to where you downloaded the .xpi file and select it.
  • Restart Zotero, by clicking “restart now” in the extensions list where the
    Zotero PDF Translate plugin is now listed.


Once you have the plugin installed simply, open any PDF in your collections.
Select some text, then rightclick: the translation are shown.
Not the lauguage you want? The default tartget lauguage is zh-CN(Chinese Simplified). You can edit it in the Preference menu.


  • Translate Engine
    The default engine is Google Translate. Currently we provide Youdao as optional engine.
    如果你无法访问谷歌,请选择有道作为翻译引擎。Youdao doesn’t support some lauguages.

  • Lauguage Parameter
    Edit here to change translation target language.
    Find your Language Culture Code in this link:
    Language Culture Code
    Take ja-JP as example:
    For Google Translate users, the Lauguage Parameter is sl=en&tl=ja-JP. Here sl is source language and tl is target language.
    For youdao(有道) users, the Lauguage Parameter is EN2JA-JP. It means from EN(English) to JA_JP(Japnese).

Lauguage Parameter Setting


Invoke make with the VERSION variable set in the environment. For example:

VERSION=0.0.1 make

Alternatively, version numbers can be passed to make directly:

make VERSION=0.0.1


Use this code at your own peril. No warranties are provided. Keep the laws of your
locality in mind!

Part of the code of this repo refers to other open-source projects within the allowed scope.

  • zotero-scihub
  • zotero-tag

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