Perma is a prototype of permanent video storage and client-side rendering using Next.js, Arweave, and Bundlr.

Technologies used:

  • Arweave – File storage
  • Bundlr – Multichain solution for Arweave integration
  • Next.js – React framework

Building and running the app

To run this app, follow these steps:

  1. Clone the repo, change into the directory, and install dependencies:

git clone [email protected]:dabit3/perma.git

cd perma

npm install 

# or

  1. Update the APP_NAME in __utils.js __ to something that is unique to your app, could be anything you’d like:
  1. Run the app
npm run dev


  1. As of a couple of weeks ago, Bundlr was missing the indexing of some transactions on Arweave causing them to drop from GraphQL query after a set amount of time (though they were still saved to Arweave). Issue here

  2. Larger files (>100MB) have had trouble saving to Bundlr. This issue has been raised here and I’ve spoken to one of the engineers who says they are pushing out a fix (this is a Bundlr js-client issue)


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