Netlify CMS Permalink Widget

Netlify CMS Widget that allows you to create customizable permalinks easily.

Widgets are inputs for the Netlify CMS editor interface. It’s a React component that receives user input and outputs a serialized value.

This widget allows you to create custom permalinks that can be used to generate pathnames for Netlify CMS based websites. The widget mimics the behaviour of WordPress permalink input field automatically outputting correct slugs.

Permalink widget


  1. Install the widget
npm install netlify-cms-widget-permalink
  1. Import the Permalink widget to your Netlify CMS setup file
import {PermalinkControl, PermalinkPreview} from 'netlify-cms-widget-permalink';
  1. Register the widget for use
CMS.registerWidget('permalink', PermalinkControl, PermalinkPreview)

Usage details

Inside the YML collecitons file you can use permalink as new widget

  - name: "example"
    label: "Example"
    folder: "/path/to/your/folder"
    create: true
    slug: "{{slug}}"
      - {label: "ID", name: "id", widget: "permalink", prefix: 'blog', url: ''}

You can also use it as a JS object using Netlify CMS Manual Initialization


  label: 'Permalink',
  name: 'permalink',
  widget: 'permalink',
  required: true,
  url: 'http://localhost:8000',
  hint: 'The post URL (do not include folder or file extension)',

This widget is using 2 custom items: url -> is used to visualize and link to the page prefix -> is used when you want to prefix some pages (i.e. blog will output -> /blog/your-slug/)

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