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About the projectTecnologies

💻 About the project

PlayList is a project that uses the Deezer Api to list the most played songs at the moment. The songs are displayed on cards that are arranged on the page containing the album cover, title, singer, durations, button to access the full song on Deezer, play/pause button to listen to the preview of the song and button to add/remove the song in the favorite song list. In the Header of the Home page, there is a search field input that displays the result related to the searched text.

🛠 technologies

The following tools were used in building the project:

Website ReactJs

🚀 How to run the project

Before starting, you will need to have installed on your machine the Git. Besides, it’s good to have an editor to work with the code like VSCode

Due to Deezer rules it is necessary to use the extension Allow CORS: Access-Control-Allow-Origin ( to use the API and be able to request the data that will be used during the application.

Install the dependencies

$ npm install

Run the application in development mode

$ npm start

In the project directory, you can run:

Runs the app in the development mode.

Open [http://localhost:3000](http://localhost:3000) to view it in your browser.


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