1. Use the D3 library to read in samples.json.

  1. Create a horizontal bar chart with a dropdown menu to display the top 10 OTUs found in that individual.
  • Use sample_values as the values for the bar chart.

  • Use otu_ids as the labels for the bar chart.

  • Use otu_labels as the hovertext for the chart.

  1. Create a bubble chart that displays each sample.
  • Use otu_ids for the x values.

  • Use sample_values for the y values.

  • Use sample_values for the marker size.

  • Use otu_ids for the marker colors.

  • Use otu_labels for the text values.

  1. Display the sample metadata, i.e., an individual’s demographic information.

  1. Display each key-value pair from the metadata JSON object somewhere on the page.

  1. Update all of the plots any time that a new sample is selected.

  1. Deploy to GitHub Pages to share with others outside of a local server
  • Local Server – In GitBash type python -m http.server
  • Add localhost:8000 to browser


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