SO-hammer-with-list userscript

This userscript automates closing Stack Overflow questions as duplicates and editing the duplicate list. It is a follow up to this Meta Stack Exchange question. The premise is that several very common duplicates are repeatedly asked and all are closed against the same duplicate list. This script automates closing, opening to the originals page, editing the originals in and clicking “Save”.

The code is a modification of SECloseVoteRequestGenerator userscript found at Currently it is also meant to run strictly after that script in order to reuse CVRG’s CSS. This script calls two internal endpoints in sequence:

  • /flags/questions/${questionId}/close/add to close the question with one duplicate target
  • /questions/originals/${questionId}/save-originals to edit the duplicate list with the other duplicate targets

Both calls need the user’s fkey as a form parameter. The fkey is obtained with Stack Exchange’s API StackExchange.options.user.fkey.

The first call needs a form parameter duplicateOfQuestionId=${targetId} to close as duplicate.

The second call needs a form parameter originalsIdsJson=${idList}, where idList is a list with literal square brackets, as: [123,456,678].

The list of duplicates along with the titles used to populate the modal’s dropdown must be manually edited into your copy of the script.

Necessary privileges

You must run this script as a user with a gold tag badge in one of the question’s tags.

TODOs and improvements

  • Clean up the code even more
  • Import/export duplicate targets


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