Toolkit Installation, Usage and Development

Deakin Detonator Toolkit (DDT) is a toolkit that aims to simplify the penetration testing experience and workflow. The toolkit was initially started as a Command Line Interface (CLI) toolkit with a few minor tools. This Trimester, DDT has been further developed to now have a Graphical User Interface (GUI) with several new attack vectors and tools added. {todo}


1.1 Dependencies

The following tools/technologies must be installed in order to use DDT (linked guides included):

1.2 Cloning the repository

If you are only planning on using the toolkit, simply clone the repository with your Git client of choice. {todo}


2.1 Git client


2.2 Working with the repository


3. Using the TOOLKIT

The tool should be used in a linux machine for the best results.

3.1 Before using the tool

  • Before you run the toolkit, navigate to the following path: Network Recovery Tools/Dev/Deakin Detonator Toolkit GUI/DDT-GUI-v4. This should be inside the folder of the cloned repository.
  • Then run the following command: $ sudo python3 This command will install the libraries and depandencies needed to run the tool.
  • To run the toolkit, use the following command: $ python3 A window will open with the homepage of the toolkit, navigate through the different pages to learn about the different tools and attack vectors.

3.2 Usage

Make sure you go through section 3.1 before running the toolkit

After laucnhing the tool in the terminal, the GUI will open the homepage of toolkit. From there, we can see five main pages show up: About, Attack vectors, Tools, Walkthroughs, and References. Main page

  • About: Provides basic information about the tool and its purpose.
  • Attack Vectors: Contains a step by step demonstration of different exploitations.
  • Tools: The tools page provides an easy access to many tools of different purposes, like reconnaissance and enummeration tools.
  • Walkthroughs: This page will have video walkthroughs to different exploits and tools.

Attack vectors Tools

4. Development Toolkit

The Red Teams’ members are to study/research attack vectors or attack tools to implement in the toolkit. The GUI of the toolkit is developed using Tkinter.


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