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This repository contains the frontend required for the programming task laid out by automaton. It grabs recent article information from the backend and displays it. This will likely be updated as a full portfolio project which will include several small updates, such as:

  • Caching articles on the server side so they don’t have to be scraped twice, in order to improve speed
  • Getting more articles and allowing pagination

Task Description

Retrieve articles from and disply in a GUI with ability to export to XML. This project has a backend web API built in the .NET framework, the repository link for this is included below. It is hosted using GitHub pages and Azure, again, links can be found below.

Information that was required to be collected from

  • Title of the article
  • A description of the article
  • If the article has a video
  • Article publication date
  • The articles URL
  • The articles video URL if it has one


Clone this repository: $ git clone

Install dependencies: $ npm install

Run the application locally: $ npm start

Deploy the application to GitHub pages: $ npm run deploy




You have the freedom to do as you like with this permissive software, as long as an original copy and license notice is included.


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