Proof-of-concept for testing Smart Token Labs token-negotiator with Cypress.

Note: This is a minimalist POC to research the technical feasibility of token-negotiator user-interface testing. It has been kept deliberately simple. It is not DRY and there are no abstraction layers for test steps and element locators etc.


Test environment

  • Chrome 100
  • Windows 10 | macOS 12.1


Note that a patch is required for cypress-metamask-v2 to work-around an issue with setupMetamask being called twice. See here for further details.

npm install
npm run patch

On-chain tests only

  1. Create a .env file with the entry ON_CHAIN_SECRET_WORDS containing the pass phrase for a wallet containing at least one test NFT.
  2. Fork token-negotiator-on-chain-poc-example and configure the negotiator client in index.html with a contract containing at least one owned test NFT.
  3. Modify the on-chain-poc spec test data to match the requirements of the test NFT.


Run test specifications individually with npm run <Script>.

Without MetaMask

Spec Script Description
hotel-passive test:passive Smoke test no tickets issued
hotel-passive-e2e test:passive-e2e Issue tickets and obtain benefits
ticket-issuer test:issuer Confirm tickets can be issued

With MetaMask

Spec Script Description
hotel-active test:active Smoke test no tickets issued
hotel-active-e2e test:active-e2e Issue tickets and obtain discount
on-chain-poc test:on-chain Use an NFT to obtain special offers

Note that tests requiring MetaMask cannot be run in headless mode.


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