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PteroStats is a bot designed to check Pterodactyl Panel and Nodes status and post it to your discord server

  • Written in Javascript, CloudServer is faster and more stable.
  • PteroControl can be used with any server on Pterodactyl, irregardless of whether it’s on shared hosting or your own hosted panel

PteroStats is still under development and we welcome contributions.

How it works?

PteroStats checks pterodactyl nodes wings with axios to get nodes wings status, if the api didn’t reply that mean the node is having wings/daemon down and mark the node as offline


Cybernetics Development

Cybernetics Hostings


  • fill in the required informations in the config.yml file
  • Run npm install in the root directory of the bot files
  • Run node index.js and you are done

if you need help contact me on discord Radiant#7759 or join our discord server here

Admin Apikey Permission

enable read on all options, if still didn’t work enable read & write on all options Admin Apikey Permission

Setuping Config

You need to put right config to make the bot work at config.yml file

# PteroStats config
# If you need help, join our discord server:

# Bot Info's
token: 'BOT TOKEN' # Put bot token here, check to create and get bot token
  enable: false # Enable Custom Status (MUST BE "true" OR "false")
  text: 'Hosting Panel' # Bot Status Message

# Channel and RefreshTime Configuration
channel: 'CHANNEL ID' # Put channel id here where the embed will be sended
refreshtime: 60 # Time when the embed edited/refreshed (MUST BE A SECONDS) (RECOMMENDED MORE THAN 20 SECONDS)

# Panel Info's
  url: 'HOST PANEL LINK' # Put panel url here. Example:
  adminkey: 'ADMIN APIKEY' # Put Admin Apikey here. check ( is an example link) to get the Admin ApiKey

# Embed Configuration
  title: 'EMBED TITLE' # Embed Title here. Ex: PureNodes Stats
  color: 'E5BE11' # Embed Hex color here.
    enable: false # Enable Embed Description (MUST BE "true" OR "false")
    text: 'EMBED DESCRIPTION' # Embed Description
    enable: true # Enable Embed Footer (MUST BE "true" OR "false")
    text: 'By Hirzi#8701' # Embed Footer
  timestamp: true # Enable Embed TimeStamp (MUST BE "true" OR "false")

# Status Message Configuration
  online: ':green_circle: Online' # Message if the status is Online
  offline: ':red_circle: Offline' # Message if the status is Offline
  check: ':orange_circle: Checking' # Message if the status is Checking

# Node Resource
  enable: false # Enable resource option ex [Ram: 2gb/5gb] bellow node name (MUST BE "true" OR "false")
  servers: true # Enable Total server on the node to resource text (MUST BE "true" OR "false")
  allocations: true # Enable Total Allocation on the node to resource text (MUST BE "true" OR "false")
  location: true # Enable location short name on the node to resource text (MUST BE "true" OR "false")
  unit: 'gb' # Must be 'mb', 'gb', or 'percent'

# Developers feature
debug: false # Enable and Disable debug log to console
debugaxios: false #Enable and Disable axios error logs



Q: Can i use pterodactyl v0.7?

A: No, the pterodactyl v0.7 is not supported

Q: How much nodes can i add?

A: The bot will automatically add nodes from your panel

Q: How i can get support?

A: You can join our discord server


Special Thanks to

  • ItsJustNickDev(from Discord)
  • Radiant (from Discord and Owner of cybernetics)


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