QuestbookOS is a web-based linux distro. It functions like Windows 8, but has some key components like ChromiumOS / Google ChromeOS. The whole point of this is project to prove that anyone can make a desktop environment using HTML & Javascript and a little bit of C++ & C.


Screenshot 2022-05-21 6 37 36 PM

Screenshot 2022-05-21 6 37 49 PM

Start Screen. [All apps that are present on screen execpt Settings will be removed in final release] Screenshot 2022-05-22 10 57 22 PM

All applications will have their own .HTML files in different folders, thanks to the CSS and Javascript libraries that I am using to buidl this DE and QuesbookOS too!

How will this function?

  • QuestbookOS will be built on top of the Linux Kernel
  • The desktop environment is powered by Google’s V8 Javascript engine
  • User interface was created with HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Everything else will be written in C / C++


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