Quick sketch of a url shortener to get familiar with simple database sharding in Postgres


  • Docker
  • Postgres
  • PGAdmin
  • Node
    • Express
    • Hashring

Installation guide

Setup pgadmin on docker through the command:

docker run --name pgadmin --network=postgres-network -p 5555:80 -e "PGADMIN_DEFAULT_EMAIL=example" -e "PGADMIN_DEFAULT_PASSWORD=password" -d dpage/pgadmin4

Build Postgres image with init.sql

docker build -t pgshard_v0 .
docker run --name pgshard1 -p 5432:5432 -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD="password" pgshard_v0
docker run --name pgshard2 -p 5433:5432 -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD="password" pgshard_v0

Access pgadmin on localhost:5555 and create servers with the containers created above! (You might need to use docker inspect to get the IPAdress)

Go to urlshortenerapp directory, build and run the container:

docker build -t urlshort:0 .
docker run --name urlshortapp -p 8081:8081 urlshort:0

TO do

  • Connect everything through docker-compose
  • Understand why Postgres containers are not on localhost and assigned ports


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