React Chakra Introduction

Sample Code for the blog article React Chakra UI Components – Learn by Coding – Provided by AppSeed.

The article explains how to use the Chakra UI library in React.js by building a responsive website. The website will be built with Chakra components only, no HTML element will be used.

React MUI Introduction - Sample Page crafted with MUI.

How to use it

  • Install NodejS – version 14.x or higher
  • Install dependencies via yarn
  • Start the project: yarn start


  • Header
  • Hero
  • Info Section
  • AboutUs
  • Testimonial
  • ContactUs
  • Footer

What is React.js

React.js is a JavaScript library that allows you to build fast and efficient web applications using the minimum amount of code possible. In React.js, you can break the web layout into components – reusable bits of code that return HTML elements.

Chakra UI Library

Chakra UI is a library that allows you to build stunning and modern web applications using various layout components. It differs from other UI frameworks in that it offers accessibility and dark mode support by default.

With Chakra UI, you spend less time building responsive and beautiful websites. If you want to create a web application that allows users to switch between different color modes with minimal lines of code, then Chakra UI is an excellent choice.

– provided by AppSeed


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