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React-Fi is a personalized crypto tracking app powered by CoinGecko’s Crypto API. Built off the MERN stack, the app features a React.js front end, MongoDB database, and a server consisting of Express, Node.js, and Apollo GraphQL. The app utilizes JWT tokens to handle login and security, as well as AJAX for handling 3rd Party API fetch requests.

The UI is in it’s preliminary stages, but features a simple nav bar and buttons to allow a user to browse coins and add to favorites quickly and easily.


A deployed version of this app can be found at

To run locally, be sure to fork before you clone the respository’s code if you want to make any changes. Then, run an npm i and make sure all dependencies have been installed in your client and server side package.json files.

Once complete, run an “npm run seed” to seed your database and finally an “npm run develop” to launch the app.


The use of this application is quite straight-forward. Once you arrive on the homepage, you will be prompted to log-in or sign-up. Once complete, you will be routed to your profile page where you can see your favorites or navigate to the coins section. In the coins section, you are able to browse real-time information on crypto assets as well as add them to your favorites list by pushing the “Add To Favorites” button.

Future Development

The team is hard at work continuing to implement the following list of features:

  • Portfolio Balances – track relative balances (in USD) based off user input.
  • Delete Favorites
  • Continuing to support additional crytp assets
  • Track against other currencies (EUR, Remnibi, etc)


  • This project is licensed under MIT.


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