****** React.JS-Interview-Questions and Answers *****

** ## For theory Questions and answers please go through the “notes.md” file. **

** ## For Implementation Questions please go through the “src” folder. **

List of Questions: 🙂

  1. What is Virtual DOM
  2. What is SPA
  3. What is difference between class and functional component
  4. What does mean by state and its use in react?
  5. What is JSX and why do we use it instead of js?
  6. How do you use pass data from one component to another?
  7. What is the Difference between react and react native? Which one is library or framework?
  8. What is the package name you are using for routing
  9. What is package.json
  10. Routing Implementation
  11. How do you pass data from parent to child?
  12. What is lazy loading in react ?
  13. Difference b/w Stateful and stateless Component.
  14. How do you switch one component to another?
  15. Difference between Axios and fetch.
  16. What are React Life cycles Explain each one with Example?
  17. What is UseState Hook ?(Implementation)
  18. What is useEffect Hook ?(Implementation)
  19. What is UseReducer Hook ?(Implementation)
  20. What is UseMemo Hook ?(Implementation)
  21. What is UseRef Hook ?(Implementation)
  22. What is Context api
  23. Difference between callback and useCallback Hook ?
  24. What is Props Drilling Concept ?What is State Uplifting ?
  25. Difference between useEffect and useContext ?
  26. High Order Component in react js ?
  27. Do you know about SEO ? Is it true that react js supports SEO support?
  28. clean up in useEffect.
  29. What is the use of useCallback and useMemo?
  30. Why do we need keys in react less?
  31. Do you know about redux?
  32. Have you used redux?
  33. Is react library or frameworks?
  34. How to pass props in components?
  35. What is an event in react?
  36. What is the difference between states and props?
  37. What is memory leak and how to overcome?
  38. Do you prefer function-based or class component and why ?
  39. Pure and impure function in react js ?
  40. Why do we use redux thunk?
  41. What do you know about NPM?


The questions provided in this repository are the summary of frequently asked questions across numerous companies.

Good luck with your interview 😊


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