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JavaScript NodeJS discord.js

Build with Baileys and discord.js ( as a command handler ) Untuk instalasi bahasa Indonesia disini


  • Support WhatsApp Multi-Device
  • Features rich


Rename or create new file called config.json. Fill in everything needed in the config.json file.


  1. nodejs 16x/17x
  3. libWebP

FFMPEG Instalation

  • For Windows User, you can see this website, WikiHow.

  • For Linux User, you can use your own package manager, below are for example

# apt
apt install ffmpeg -y

# pacman
pacman -S ffmpeg

# ...

libWebP Instalation

  • For Windows User,
  1. Download libWebP for Windows. download.
  2. Extract to C:\
  3. Rename extracted folder to “libwebp” (without quote)
  4. on PowerShell

setx /m PATH "C:\libwebp\bin;%PATH%"
*if successful installed, SUCCESS: specified value was saved

*check webpmux version
webpmux -version
  • For Linux User, you can use your own package manager, below for example

# apt
apt install libwebp-dev -y

# pacman
pacman -S libwebp

# ...

Cloning this repo

# clone begin
git clone --branch "multi-device"

# change dir
cd wbot

# install npm dependencies
npm install
# in case @adiwajshing/baileys-md not compiled automatic
cd node_modules/@adiwajshing/baileys-md
npm run build:tsc

# run this project
node main.js


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