Proto3 renumber

Ever wondered why proto3 format needs all those numbers when most of the times you just end up doing sequential numbers? I don’t know but here’s a tool that let’s you deal with them like they did not have numbers.


Run npm run build then npm link and you are ready to use proto3-renumber from the CLI.

Basic Usage

Choose input file with --input or -i. Choose output file with --output or -o.

proto3-renumber --input proto_to_renumber.proto --output renumbered_proto.proto

Renumber all files in the current working directory

You can also renumber all files in the current working directory by providing --all or -a

proto3-renumber --all

For all there’s also a crude --exclude or -e array option that just checks if the path contains a string. Pretty useful for node_modules or .git.

Is the renumbering destructive?

If you skip numbers deliberately don’t use this tool because that will also be renumbered.

Otherwise as long as you use a sensible format it should not be destructive. You can write valid protos which will be mocked up, because it’s a really crude implementation of find and replace instead of parsing the proto file itself.


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