Restfull api of Programming Languages using NodeJS Express and MySql This Project consist to Manage Users : Create , Read , Update , Delete programming language with their github and tiobe rank

Getting Started

If you wanna clone and test this project ,

You run these command only the first time you’ve cloned the project after that you’ll use only npm start

you must run first :

npm install

It will install all dependencies that this projects needs

Configure .env file like this example

PORT = 4000 or the port that you want to launch the api server, HOST = your mysql host, USER = your mysql username, PASSWORD = your mysql password, DATABASE = api

do the migration

run the sql file on your mysql console (‘source migration.sql;’) or import that on phpmyadmin

The command above must be runned only one time; The command below will launch the api server :

npm start

Runs the app . Open [http://localhost:4000 or the port you’ve choosen] to test

npm run server on another terminal

Runs the json-server backend


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