Returns a text file containing the top commit authors for a repo during a particular period and their individual total commits


This script requires the following to function:

.[NODEJS] V14.15.1 or higher .[GIT] V2.29.2 or higher .[ShellJS] V0.8.5 or higher


Install NODE globally as normal. Visit

Install GIT globally as normal. Visit

Install SHELLJS within the repo package you’re working with. Run npm i shelljs (windows)


Place the script within the root directory of the repo you’re working with. Adjust the following variable as desired:

  1. Starting date for period of data retrieval = startDate FORMAT(string) “Dec 9 2021”
  2. Ending date for the period of data retrieval = endDate FORMAT(string) “July 9 2022”
  3. Desired number of Authors to return = count FORMAT(number) 12


Within terminal. Run node sortAuthors.js


Text file titled “authors” will be created within the root directory of the repo with the top authors for the given period. With the total number of commits listed on the left as well as their names and email addresses. The total authors will also be printed to the terminal but this can be ignored since the text file will have it properly organized.

EXAMPLE: 312 Zuul [email protected] 90 Rodolfo Alonso Hernandez [email protected] 52 Slawek Kaplonski [email protected] 33 yatinkarel [email protected] 13 Jakub Libosvar [email protected] 12 LIU Yulong [email protected] 12 elajkat [email protected] 9 Oleg Bondarev [email protected] 8 zhouhenglc [email protected] 5 Arnau Verdaguer [email protected] 5 Frode Nordahl [email protected] 5 Luis Tomas Bolivar [email protected]


When running the script multiple times be sure to clear the authors.txt file or delete it entirely because the information will be appended to the existing data and this can be confusing.

The count variable will have to be adjusted according to the number of authors within the repository for a given period. If the number is adjust to be more than the amount of commit authors avaliable the script will return undefined for the additional entries.


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