Rock-Paper-Scissors Game.

This is my own version of the very famous Rock-Paper-Scissors game. The project was developed in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Fully interactive and responsive, adapting to different devices (desktop, tablet and mobile).

The purpose of this project was to keep practicing JavaScript. I’ll keep working on it from time to time, with the goal of refactoring the code.

Just click on the project link to play.

How does it work?

  • ➀ The game will take place in a round of 10 moves.
  • ➁ The user will start with their first move followed by the computer.
  • ➂ In each play there will be a win, a loss or a draw, recorded on the scoreboard.
  • ➃ After the round of 10 moves, the user will be able to play again restarting the scoreboard, or play later.

What are the rules?

The outcome of the game is determined by 3 simple rules:

  • ✔ Rock will beat scissors but will be beaten by paper.
  • ✔ Paper will beat rock but will be beaten by scissors.
  • ✔ Scissors will beat paper but will be beaten by rock.

See here views:

Rock-Paper-Scissors Game


You can take a look at this project in github

Feedback issues etc. are more than welcome! Thanks!


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