blockchain-malware Project


It was once common to manually use Anti-virus to verify that new programs obtained from untrusted sources did not contain known malicious code that would damage, steal or destroy our data.

In a modern secure computing environment such as Windows or Mac OSX, advances to process isolation and sandboxing technology as well as real-time scanners keep end-users safe.

The Blockchain is a computing environment that runs untrusted code and holds some of the most important data of all: digital assets.

Why are cryptocurrency users not similarly protected?


This project aims to gather, classify and create signatures to identify on-chain malware.

It’s sister project blockchain-scanner aims to implement both a real-time (transaction-based) and on-demand (contract-based) malware scanning using these signatures.


  • samples/

    • <sample_name>/
      • malware.yaml
      • <sample>.sol
      • <sample>-input.hex
      • <sample>-code.hex
  • tools/


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