SCAchat – A self-hosted chatting application

SCAchat (SCA Chatting Application) is a self-hosted chatting application similar to AOL Instant Messenger. The chatting application is privacy-respecting and does not store any messages or user-data. Once a session has ended, all messages are gone.

SCAchat is not hosted anywhere centrally, rather you can independantly host your own instance of Chadachat by utilising the code.


SCAchat requires NodeJS and Express.JS to run,

  • Debian-based Installation

sudo apt install nodejs npm
sudo npm install express
git clone

To run Chadachat in a localhost you must go into the directory and type npm start.


Login Screen

Chat window


  • Created by Chadano

SCAchat was inspired by and built ontop-of this project:

  • Glitch allows for the remixing of projects (Similar to Scratch).


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