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Next generation chrome extension generater

  • 鈿★笍 Lightning Fast HMR(use vite2)
  • 馃摝 Optimized Builds
  • 馃梻 Multiple Framework Support
  • 馃摎 Documentation


Node >= 14.18.0

# with npm
位 npm create [email protected]

# or with pnpm
位 pnpm create chrome-ext

# or with yarn
位 yarn create chrome-ext

# or with npx
位 npx create-chrome-ext


You can also directly specify the project name and the template you want to use via additional command line options. For example, to scaffold a Vite + Svelte project, run:

# npm 6.x
位 npm create [email protected] my-crx-app --template svelte-js

# or npm 7+, extra double-dash is needed:
位 npm create [email protected] my-crx-app -- --template react-ts

# or yarn
位 yarn create chrome-ext my-crx-app --template vue-ts

# or pnpm
位 pnpm create chrome-ext my-crx-app --template vanilla-ts

You can also generator the project with crx cli. run:

位 npm install create-chrome-ext --global

# and then
位 crx my-crx-app
# or
位 crx my-crx-app --template preact-js
# or use create-chrome-exe (global env)
位 create-chrome-ext my-crx-app

Supported Templates

template presets include:

  • lit-js
  • lit-ts
  • preact-js
  • preact-ts
  • react-js
  • react-ts
  • svelte-js
  • svelte-ts
  • vanilla-js
  • vanilla-ts
  • vue-js
  • vue-ts

You can use . for the project name to scaffold in the current directory.


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