Show Great on Deck on Steam


See what Games are verified for the Steam Deck and which Medal they have on ProtonDB in the Steam Store.


What it does

By default, Steam does not show you the Steam Deck verification status on their desktop website. This Chrome Extension (works also on Chrome-based browsers) fixes that by requesting the verification status from ProtonDB. While pulling the verification data from ProtonDB, this also pulls the medals ProtonDB gives to certain games and displays them.


Since this extension is not on the Chrome Web Store, as I do not want to pay them money right now. So you do have to install this manually.

  1. Download the files from this repo
  2. Unpack the files in a directory of your choice, just make sure that you need these files as long you want to use the extension
  3. Go to chrome://extensions/ in your browser (this should also work in chrome-based browsers)
  4. Select Load unpacked and select your directory with the unpacked files
  5. And you’re done!


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