Semblance is a web based game, where you see an image, and have to describe it in a word.
Link :



  • Golang to create the server, run the game, use external APIs and for HTML templating
  • Random Image API to fetch a random image via a http request
  • Azure Cognitive Services’ Computer Vision API to generate tags for each image
  • For the UI, I used Webflow, much improvement is needed there though 😂

Local Installation

  1. To run Semblance locally, you must have access to an Azure Computer Vision instance, you can create one from here
    Once created, get the API Key and Endpoint from Resource Management > Keys and Endpoint

  2. If Go isn’t installed, set it up following this

  3. Clone this repository, via HTTPS or SSH

    git clone
  4. Open .env and add your api key and endpoint

    # Add the Computer Vision key here
    # Add the Computer Vision endpoint here
  5. Install dependencies

    go mod tidy
  6. Build and run the app

    go build .
    go run .
  7. If all has gone well, you should be able to play the game at localhost




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