Email Sender

In order to send automated emails to people and also where there is a need of reading data from google sheets, you can use Apps script which is a built-in extension in google sheets. You can send your emails in your favorite HTML templates and use gs to use variables inside your HTML template.

To do this, follow this instruction.

  1. First, go to google sheets and choose Apps Script from Extensions navigation menu.

  1. Copy and Paste the file from this repository to in Apps script.

I have explaned some parts of the code.

const headers = ws.getRange('A2:H49').getDisplayValues()//get table headers name;

The getRange function gets the range of your cells name. For instance, if you want to read data from the cells selected in the image, you should enter C2:G16 as the parameters in this function.

  1. Add your HTML file using the ➕ button at the left side of the page beside the Files item.

  1. Copy and paste the Template.html code inside this repository to a new HTML file you’ve created.

  2. Whenever you want to use your google sheet data in yout HTML file, use the tag below.

<?=  variable_name  ?>
  • Example
    For instance, I want to read HW1 from google sheets. I have assigned HW1 to ex1 variable uing this:
const ex1 = headers[data][3];

Working with cells is exactly same as working with 2d arrays.

And then, I use this tag in order to use the value of ex1 in my html file.

<li>تمرین اول: <?= ex1 ?></li>
  1. After all these, click on the Run button to run this script.

Other Points

  • There is an example in the src directory in which you can see the templates of gs and html templates.
  • If you want to send automated emails, you should first allow google sheets to access your emails and your google drive.


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