Features 🪶

  • Search titles
  • Search by IMDB ID
  • Cacheable Result
  • High Performance

Installation 📦

Installation is pretty easy and straight forward. Click the button below to get started.

Deploy to Cloudflare Workers

  • After deployed Open Cloudflare Worker Page
  • Click on KV
  • In Namespace Name section Type a Name & Click on Add, a namespace will created.
  • Now go back to worker main page, here you will see that your created worker listed there, click on that.
  • Click on Settings > Variables
  • In KV Namespace Bindings section click on Add Binding
  • Write CACHE in Variable name & select your recently created Namespace for KV namespace.


Run in Postman

  • /search?query={query} for search by title
  • /title/{imdb_id} get details of a title

License 🎯

Have a good day 🤘


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