Session Skate Sim Collector Map

This project is inspired by

A community created Fan map with locations of the especial features, spots and so on inner Session Skate Sim wold.


  • Picture from NYC Booklin, Chatham map(1920*1080)
  • Test adding some markers
    • Historical challenge marker type
    • Daily Challenge marker type
  • Show/Hide markers from a type
  • Check if there are Copyright issues? (I’m new in the geming world XD)

Live Demo

Session Collector Map POC


  • HD Picture from NYC Booklin, Chatham map
  • Historical challenge marker type
  • Historical challenge marker content
  • Daily Challenge marker type
  • Daily Challenge marker content
  • Mission marker type
  • Mission marker content
  • Bus Stop marker type
  • Bus Stop marker content
  • Skateshop marker type
  • Skateshop marker content
  • Define initial Look & Feel


Every contribution will be welcome and well attributed. This is a community made non-profit project, based on Session Skate Sim Game and community content around the game.

  • Content contributions: This project is a content based project, any medium or info will be welcome, it not required to be a programmer or to have any web development skills.
  • Bug Report: Open an issue using the bug template
  • Feature Request: Open new discussion
  • Code contributions: You are free to open Pull requests, we will be glad to review and merge them.
  • Domations: If you want to economicaly support our work you can make donations via github Sponsors feature


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