This script will attempt to update your Github user profile status with the game currently being played on Steam.

  • Your Steam Profile page must be set to public.
  • The status will be set to expire after 1 hour, and not marked as Busy. This can be configured through environment variables.


How to use

To use this script, you’ll first need to generate a Github Access Token with the user scope. You’ll also need to know your Steam ID — not the username, but the SteamID64 value.

Run it as a Github Action

You can consider running it on a Github Action schedule.

  - name: Set My Github Status From Steam
    uses: mendhak/[email protected]

Where MY_GITHUB_ACCESS_TOKEN is an Actions Secret in your repository, and it contains the Github Access Token value generated above.

Run it in a Docker container

To run it in a Docker container:

docker run --rm -e GITHUB_ACCESS_TOKEN=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx -e STEAM_USER_ID=76561197984170060 mendhak/steam-github-profile-status:latest

Run it standalone

To run it as a standalone NodeJS script:

export STEAM_USER_ID=76561197984170060
export GITHUB_ACCESS_TOKEN=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
node index.js

Additional variables

You can choose whether you are shown as busy or not by passing a GITHUB_STATUS_SHOW_BUSY=True environment variable.

You can set the status expiry time in hours by passing a GITHUB_STATUS_EXPIRES_AFTER=3 environment variable.


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