Eslint Config

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  1. Install the library as a dev dependency alongside required dependencies using

yarn add -D
  1. Set up the minimal required configuration as displayed below

Minimal Required Configuration

  1. Create a new file in the root of the project called .eslintrc.json
  2. Place the following inside

    "extends": ["@rimac-technology/eslint-config/core"],
    "parser": "@typescript-eslint/parser",
    "parserOptions": {
        "project": "./tsconfig.json"
  1. Make sure the project field (under parserOptions) is pointing to the correct path to your tsconfig.json

Optional Rulesets

Add the following ruleset to your .eslintrc.json file under extends section (example below)

  • "@rimac-technology/eslint-config/react"
  • "@rimac-technology/eslint-config/jest"
  • "@rimac-technology/eslint-config/type-graphql"
  • "@rimac-technology/eslint-config/mobx"
  • "@rimac-technology/eslint-config/testing-library" *See usage below

Using Optional Rulesets


  • The following is added to .eslintrc.json

    "extends": [

Testing Library

  • If you prefer more granular control of which files eslint-plugin-testing-library considers for test files and lints you can change "files" field.

    "overrides": [
            "files": [
            "extends": ["@rimac-technology/eslint-config/testing-library"]

Turn on ESLint in your Project


  1. Go to File>Settings>Languages & Frameworks>Javascript>Code Quality Tools>ESLint
  2. Select Automatic ESLint Configuration
  3. Check run eslint --fix on save
  4. Apply settings

Overriding or Adding Custom Rules

Rules can be overridden by adding them to the rules section in .eslintrc.json like the following example

    "extends": ["@rimac-technology/eslint-config/core"],
    "rules": {
        "space-infix-ops": "off"


Little fellow sometimes has problems. Here is how to help if it doesn’t work:

  1. Delete node_modules
  2. Go to File>Invalidate Caches>Invalidate and Restart
  3. Reinstall dependencies
  • Check if it works from the terminal. If it does, you IDE might be the problem here.

Testing Locally

In package.json, specify the path to the folder where you cloned eslint-config on your computer and place it instead of the version.

Then you can use it like any other lib.

  • Default install

// Current
    "@rimac-technology/eslint-config": "^19.0.0"
  • Local install for testing

    "@rimac-technology/eslint-config": "../eslint-config"


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