Shopify FTP Proxy

This runs a local FTP server (on localhost) that will communicate with Shopify over HTTP API and allows you to upload/download/edit your theme files and assets using your favorite FTP client.

Note: this tool is built with Node.js and is installed via npm so make sure to have Node installed. I have tested this on Mac and Windows. Please submit an issue if you come across any bugs.


npm install -g shopify-ftp2

Note: You may need to run as root/super-user on Mac/Linux using sudo npm install -g shopify-ftp or, alternatively, install without -g and then specify the full path to shopify.js in place of shopify each time you launch the program. The full path might look something like /Users/You/node_modules/shopify-ftp/shopify.js depending on where npm puts your module.


shopify ftp

By default, it will listen on at port 2121. The port and host can, optionally, be specified as follows:

shopify ftp --port 2121 --host

Beginner note: The above commands should be entered at the command line ( on Mac or Command Prompt on Windows)

Get Shopify API Key(s)

You will need a Shopify API key-pair.

Connecting over FTP

Open your favorite FTP client, for instance FileZilla and create a new connection with the following details:

  • Host:
  • Port: 2121
  • Username: {api-key}@{store-name}
  • Password: {api-password}

Then save/connect and you should be able to browse your assets and templates including upload, delete, rename, download and move. When you first connect, you should see a list of folders which corresponds to your different themes. Choose your theme and go into that directory. There you will see a few directories (assets, config, layout, snippets, templates). You can add/rename/delete files from these directories, but you will not be able to create/delete sub-directories due to limitations in place by Shopify. You must use the folder structure that exists.

Note: Your username contains both your API key and your store name (separated by @).

I’d like to get this working with ExpanDrive to mount as a local directory on OS X. However, currently this isn’t possible because Shopify API doesn’t support upload/download ranges (partial files).

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Have fun.


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