Install instructions

Get auth token:

Get Node.js: (when installing remember to allowing the set PATH option)

- ubuntu/debian -> $ sudo apt install curl
                   $ curl -sL | sudo -E bash -
                   $ sudp apt-get install -y nodejs npm
- fedora -> $ sudo yum install nodejs
- arch -> You're 1337 you don't need README

$ symbol means this is a terminal command, dont write the $

Clone this repo:

Linux - Install Git (ubuntu/debian $ sudo apt install git, fedora $ sudo yum install git)
      - $ git clone
Windows - Github desktop


Open terminal to cloned repo Windows – Open folder with code (you need to see the .js files) – Type powershell in the file explorer nav bar image

Mac/Linux - $ cd ~/path/to/folder/withJSfiles

Install node dependencies Operating system agnostic

$ npm install
$ npm i tmi.js
$ npm i yargs

Edit the auth.js file with any text editor (save after)

  • Windows -> notepad is fine
  • Linux -> $ nano auth.js -> (edit) -> Ctrl + O
  • MacOS -> $ vim auth.js OR right-click and use TextEdit

From there replace the username field with your username, leaving the quotes.


And the auth token field with the auth token from


Finally, stay in that folder, and run from your shell using:

$ npm start OR $ node index.js

Now for the fun bit


Changing colours

Change index.js file however you need to, nano or notepad.

Copy and paste the else if line below into the code below the if statement and above the else statement including all brackets:


else if (argv.scheme == new String(“grey”).valueOf()) { colors = [“#ffffff”,”#d9d9d9″,”#b0b0b0″,”#878787″,”#575757″]; //Greyname Pride }

The script can then be run e.g. below, and will use the hex colors supplied within the brackets; Some colors will not show up on twitch, as dark colors are clipped to more colorful versions of that color.

$ node index.js –scheme=”grey”

List of current schemes, trans pride flag is the default

  • rainbow
  • grey
  • ukraine
  • sa (south africa)
  • kkona

If you do not have Twitch Prime or Turbo, you will need to use color names in the place of hex values such as the following standard user colors below.

  • Blue
  • BlueViolet
  • CadetBlue
  • Chocolate (#c96b28)
  • Coral (#ff7f4e)
  • DodgerBlue (#359bf1)
  • Firebrick (#b22222)
  • GoldenRod
  • Green
  • HotPink (#ff69b4)
  • OrangeRed (#ff581b)
  • Red
  • SeaGreen
  • SpringGreen (#00ff7f)
  • YellowGreen (#b5ff00)

Adding your own channel

In channels.js, change this

channels: [ “SlowQueer”, “HasanAbi”, “AzureMako”, “JoanAtoms”, “ThoughtSlime”, “MafiaJinx”, “Keffals”, “adi_dev”, “hasansecurityguard”, “grfnn”, “dbutters”, “lithium_flowerhd” ]


channels: [ “SlowQueer”, “HasanAbi”, “AzureMako”, “JoanAtoms”, “ThoughtSlime”, “MafiaJinx”, “Keffals”, “adi_dev”, “hasansecurityguard”, “grfnn”, “dbutters”, “lithium_flowerhd”, “your_username_here” ]

remembering to keep the username in “quotation marks” and adding a comma , after every new entry except the final one.

Thank you for using! Hope you enjoy and feel free to leave any issues here.


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