Discord Bot RPC with Server Count

Show your Discord bot’s server count on your Discord profile using Top.gg’s API with Discord RPC.


  1. Your bot must be published and approved on Top.gg.
  2. You must use the Top.gg API in your bot process to post your server count to Top.gg.


  1. Clone the repo to your PC.
  2. Install the NPM packages.
  3. Create your .env file to use your Top.gg API key.
  4. Customize your RPC data in src/variables.json to use rich presence assets from your bot (https://discord.com/developers/applications/:bot_id/rich-presence/assets).
  5. Save your .env and src/variables.json files.
  6. Open your Discord desktop client.
  7. Start the process using node . or use PM2 or equivalents.


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