Simple and elegant generation of random data.


npm i @liting-yes/randomall

Hello Random

const random = require('@liting-yes/randomall')

random number

simple to use

// output: 88
// return an integer between [0, 100)

// default parameter value

use with args

Function random.number has 5 params as follows:

  • min number

mininum random number isn’t less than it

  • max number

maxinum random number doesn’t exceed it

  • radix number

base of return value (2-36)

notice: when radix != 10, the return value will be the string value of the corresponding random number

  • isInteger boolean

whether the return value is integer

  • decimal number

max number of decimal places returned

random.number(1, 10, 10, false, 5)
// output: 1.58
// return a float between [1, 10) with no more than 5 decimal places

// support object passing
random.number({ isInteger: false })
// output: 62.664065

random string

simple to use

// output: Z1Qdvk
// return a random string whose characters are letters and numbers

// default parameter value

use with args

Function random.stringhas 6 params as follows:

  • len number

    length of random string

  • banNum number

    random string without numbers*

  • banLowercase boolean

    random string without lowercase letters

  • banUppercase boolean

    random string without uppercase letters*

  • add array

    special characters that random string contains

  • remove array

    special characters that random string must never contain

random.string(10, true, false, true, ['@', '#', '?'], ['a', 'b', 'c'])
// output: #sr#u?ljsv
// return a random string that contain possibly the characters '@', '#', '? ' and no digits, uppercase letters, 'a', 'b', 'c'

// support object passing
random.string({ banNum: true, banLowercase: true })
// output: ODMZPO

random boolean

simple to use

// output: true
// return a random boolean value

random array

simple to use

// output: [45, 71,  8, 20, 79, 17, 73, 16, 85, 44]
// return an array of length 10 and each element has a value greater than 0 and less than 100

use with args

  • len number

    length of random array

  • fn function

    the function to generate random value

  • args remain parameters

    function arguments of fn

random.array(5, random.number, 1, 10)
// output: [ 9, 5, 2, 5, 5 ]
// return an array with 5 number element which is greater than 1 less than 10

random image

simple to use

random.image().then(imgUrl => console.log(imgUrl))
// returns a configurable random image address

// default parameter value

use with args

  • userConfig object

same as axios request configuration

  • userLocation array

nested position of target data

random.image({ baseURL:'https://api.ixiaowai.cn', url: '/mcapi/mcapi.php' }, ['imgurl']).then(imgUrl => console.log(imgUrl))
// return an random image url about the api


the image API the repo is using is 小歪API

in order to avoid some unforeseen problems, it is recommended to configure the API yourself


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