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Simple and visually-pleasing Pomodoro timer

Simple and visually-pleasing Pomodoro timer


Pomotroid is a simple and configurable Pomodoro timer. It aims to provide a visually-pleasing and reliable way to track productivity using the Pomodoro Technique.

Pomotroid is in its early stages, so feedback and contributions are welcome and appreciated!


  • Customize times and number of rounds (persistent)
  • Charming timer alert sounds (optional)
  • Desktop notifications (optional)
  • Minimize to tray (optional)


Download the latest version from the releases page.

Pomotroid is available for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.


You can also install Pomotroid on macOS with Homebrew:

brew cask install pomotroid


You can install Pomotroid on Windows with scoop

scoop install https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Splode/pomotroid/master/pomotroid.json


:memo: Future plans for enhancements and development:

  • Mini-mode
  • Themes


Pomotroid is built with Vue.js, Electron, and electron-vue.

Note: depending on your OS settings, you may receive a security warning upon installation. This has to do with Pomotroid being an unsigned application. You can find out more by researching code-signing for Apple and Microsoft.

Build Setup

# install dependencies
npm i

# serve with hot reload at localhost:9080
npm run dev

# build Pomotroid for production
npm run build




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