Simple website to monitor different data

This project is the development of a simple but efficient website to monitor weather data, corporate stock information and multiple newsfeeds as well as to read Wikipedia articles all in a responsive layout.


Weather Data

The weather data for any bigger city can be displayed when searched for by name. The website shows the forecast for the current and the four following days including colored pictograms. For the Argentinian city ‘Buenos Aires’ it shows the following:

Stock Data

The live stock information of the three big tech companies Apple, Microsoft and IBM can be displayed.


Two newsfeeds are received via RSS. The first one of the German computer magazine ‘heise’ and the other one of the news magazine ‘Vox’. In regards to the copyright there is no exemplary image included.

Wikipedia Articles

Via an additional overlay the search, selection and display of Wikipedia articles using keywords is possible.

Responsive Layout

The layout of the website is fully responsive way down to small devices like older smartphones. It automatically adapts to the given screen size and resolution. It handles the portrait format as well as the landscape format for all supported screens.

An exemplary video of the website displayed on a simulated smartphone screen in portrait mode:


A given requirement for the development of the website was the use of the German language. Hence the website is in german.


  • Which runtime can I use to run the website? You can use any supported runtime that works. The website was developed using Note.js so I recommend using it’s runtime environment.

  • Do I need special dependencies to run it? No, the project is written in plain HTML, JavaScript and CSS.


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