Simple Content Management System

This project aims to create a system for administration of articles and publishers. Things you can do:

  • Create, read, update and delete Publisher.
  • Create, read, update and delete Articles.
  • Set articles as headlines.
  • Add a picture for every Article.


For installing this software you need to do:

Check python version

This project was written with python 3.8.0 so I strongly suggest you to test with this version or higher just to not have any compatibility issues.

How I check my python version,

in *nix systems:

> python --version
> Python 3.8.0

in windows:

c:\> py --version
c:\> Python 3.8.0

Install Dependencies

In order to install dependencies you need to run pip install, make sure you are in the project folder and you can see the requirements.txt file when you do a ls or dir:

> pip install -r requirements.txt

This last will return a bunch of stuff in the terminal.

Some operative systems will required you to use pip3 instead of pip

Setting Up the Django Application

Once you finish the dependencies installation you need to run some django commands.


Initialize the database *nix:

> python migrate


c:\> py migrate

Run the test server

> python runserver


c:\> py runserver


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