Discord relay bot

Discord bot to realy twitch chat on discord with emote and badge support.


To download you need to either download the node-twitch project directly and place it at node_modules/node-twitch manually Or download it via the git cli commands

git clone --recursive https://github.com/Nowilltolife/discord-relay-bot

To setup just enter the information into the twitch/config.json and discord/config.json files. Discord:

    "token": "DISCORD TOKEN",
    "channel": "TARGET CHANNEL ID",
    "emojiGuild": "EMOJI GUILD ID"

The emoji guild is so that you can have as much emojis as possible in the discord channel without having to clutter your guild with emojis. Twitch: To use the bot you need to first create a twitch application, to figure out how follow this link: here.

   "clientID": "CLIENT ID",
   "clientSecret": "CLIENT SECRET",
   "channel": "TargetChannel"


To run the bot just run the following command:

npm i

node twitch/client.js

The node-twitch library

For whom it may concern, the node-twitch library is here specified directly because the original NPM project doesn’t have the features and the owner of it didn’t merge my PR yet ;). So i had to include it here directly.


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