Hello React Frontend

Simple React frontend for hello rails backend

Important note: MaKe sure your server is running at port 3000, since the CORS set up in the backend only allows that port to be fecth the data from the API


The backend of the project can be found here

Built With

  • HTML/SCSS and JavaScript
  • React Framework, Redux, Redux Toolkit
  • Jest

Getting Started

To get a local copy up and running follow these simple example steps.

  • Clone this repository with git clone[email protected]:JohnFTitor/hello-react-front-end.git using your terminal or command line.
  • Change to the project directory by entering : cd hello-react-front-end in the terminal


You need to make sure to have installed the latest version of Node.js and npm on your computer.


You can clone this repository or simply download the files as a .zip If you want to set up a personal repository based on this one, you can as well fork it.


After clone it and before working on it, you have to run npm install so that all the dependencies of the project get downloaded in your pc locally. Such dependencies include React app and linters checks, for which you have to install the files following the wget commands inside linters.yml file.


You’re free to use this project however you like it for educational purposes. Just keep in mind the acknowledgment described below

To work on the project, run npm start in your terminal to deploy a live version of the development. This works in watch mode so it automatically reloads any need change you make to the files.

Run linters checks

Linter Checks are automatically run with Github actions when there’s a pull request. If you want to run them locally, remember to have the config file in the root of the local project.


Run npm test to check prepared test cases related to the website functionality simulating user interaction.


👤 Andrés Felipe Arroyave Naranjo

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📝 License

This project is MIT licensed.


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