React Emoji Selector

Simple, ready to use, and Customable react emoji selector component for every react project.


onClose (default: none)

Use this attribute as a function to set useState variable to close the emoji selector.

  • input function
  • return nothing

output (default: none)

Use to get selected emoji from selector. You can pass function through this attribute as an example below.

  • input function
  • return string (emoji)

closeAfterSelect (defalut: true)

The emoji selector will close after user select an emoji when this attribute is true otherwise nothing happen.

  • input boolean

clickOutsideToClose (defalut: true)

If this attribute set to true, onClose function will be called when user clicks outside the emoji selector.

  • input boolean

highlight (default: ‘lightblue’)

Change color of highlight color of emoji selector.

  • input string (rgb or hex)

darkMode (default: false)

Change to true, if you want it darker.

  • input boolean


  • Demo page
  • Emoji name badge when hover
  • Category tab
  • Close button
  • Recenly group
  • Better search
  • Mobile version
  • Light/Dark mode
  • Selector position
  • guideline


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