THREEJS Particle System Skull

by Anderson Mancini

Live Link

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This project converts any GLTF looaded model into a particle system using threejs points material. It is using my previous three.js boilerplate.

You can replace the model and change the camera animations to make your own scene.

Resources: Threejs, WebGL, webpack , Babel, ESLint

Show, don’t tell

Here you can see a video on how I created it

Getting Started

Download and install Node.js on your computer (

Then, open VSCODE, drag the project folder to it. Open VSCODE terminal and install dependencies (you need to do this only in the first time)

npm install

Run this command in your terminal to open a local server at localhost:8080

npm run dev


Would be really appreciated if you are willing to give me a star here on GitHub 🎉 or buy me a coffee ☕ The money will be used to produce more content about threejs or to buy new courses.


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