Simplistic JavaScript Game Engine. Born to be simple!

How to use


The point of this game engine is to be extremely easy to use, so I’ll try to explain the most basic stuff to help you get started with the engine. The whole GameEngine is stored in SMPEngine/, so open it up. All you need to modify is the scripts in InterfaceScripts/ (really just add stuff) and add all YOUR code (GameObject classes, custom GameStates etc.) to the UserScripts folder. Notice: The User Scripts folder is all yours, you can make as many subfolders and files inside of it as you please. Just keep it organized in some way you see appropiate.


To add GameObjects to the scene by pushing() them to the GameObjectsManager.gameObjects array. That’s it! All GameObjects should inherit from GameObject (GameObject.js) to aviod errors. In your custom GameObject classes you just need to have two functions Update() and Render() Read the MANUAL.txt on have to make your own custom gameObjects.


There are 3 built-in game states: Playing, Paused and Gameover. These are stored in the Builtin/GameStates/ directory. You can add different custom states to the directory UserScripts/GameStates/. In order to use them in the project you must make transitionManager functions. These simply check some kind of input or something else and if certain condition is met, just change the gameState with GameStateManager.gameState = <NEW_STATE>. Add transitionManagers to UserScripts/TransitionManagers/transitionManagers.js.


  • The the current version – SMPEngine v1.0 – is extremely limited. The whole point of the engine is not to make a superpowerful game engine, because there are already many of them – better optimized and more stable – out there. So this is just a very simple engine, useful for getting started with game development in JS for begginers. However, the design of the engine is also very modular and just waits to be upgraded. So, happy coding.
  • Also note that in this repo is already a working thing with the HTML code and a two simple GameObject types. You can download the repo and run index.html with live server (from vs code) or a different server.


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