• The goal was to create a DAO to collect secondary fees and than allow the tokenholders decide what to do with the funds.
  • NFT Floor price is backed by the money in the Ethereum Pool
  • Floor price cannot go below the total value in the pool divided by the shares minted.
  • Secondary sale royalties go into the pool increasing the Floor Price
  • The current iteration just stores money in the contract and allows people to vote when to withdraw funds stored in contract for token holders.
  • I’d like to convert this into a a DAO that takes the funds allows tokenholders to manage the fund, maybe for a charity, maybe for some business idea.

Tech Stack

  • Solidity
  • Truffle
  • Ganache
  • Hope you enjoy it!!!

Vote to Withdraw Shares

  • 3 year time limit before shareholders can withdraw funds
  • Contract owner can open the contract to a vote with a 1 week time limit
  • Unclaimed funds can be withdrawn by contract owner 25 weeks after withdrawal period has been opened
  • Rug Proof smart contract
  • Funds are stored in the contract preventing theft

Future Plans

  • Develop a frontend for the app and probably throw it on IPFS.
  • Maybe remove the ability to have the contract owner open a vote to sell and just set voting periods in the contract
  • Create fun generative art for the nft and rename the contract. (Need a designer)
  • Maybe the money generated by the contract should be a more purposeful DAO, that uses the funds to create something or donate to charity


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