Testing step

  1. Deploy contract
  • Develop console: truffle develop
  • Compile contract: truffle compile
  • Deploy contract to local network: truffle migrate
  1. Running command
  • Sending few “ether” to our deployed contract:

Faucet.deployed().then(i => {FaucetDeployed = i})
FaucetDeployed.send(web3.utils.toWei("1", "ether"))

Or, another way to test:

  1. Connect to Gauche
  • Start Gauche UI.
  • Make new workspace, and connect to project configure file truffle-config.js
  • Make sure truffle-config.js has configuration match to Gauche settings
  • Running truffle migrate --network development to compile and deploy contract
  • Using Gauche account (with private key), and MetaMask to send some Ether to contract’s balance
  • Using Gauche UI, checking transaction is confirmed with event log


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