Sorting on planet Twisted-3-7

QUESTION: There is a planet… in a galaxy far far away. It is exactly like our planet, but it has one difference: #The values of the digits 3 and 7 are twisted. Our 3 means 7 on the planet Twisted-3-7. And 7 means 3.

Your task is to create a method, that can sort an array the way it would be sorted on Twisted-3-7.

7 Examples from a friend from Twisted-3-7:

[1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9] -> [1,2,7,4,5,6,3,8,9]

[12,13,14] -> [12,14,13]

[9,2,4,7,3] -> [2,7,4,3,9]


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