Template for a SPA that relies on the latest standards implemented in the browsers (basically Chrome), and ES6/JavaScript support.
It does not use any traspilers (Babel/TypeScript). This also means no building tools (webpack and such).


Base goals:

  • MVC/MVVM/MVA/MVP based (to be decided)
    • ECB based (to be decided)
  • View based on WebComponents
  • HTML Templates
  • Routing using history API
  • Shadow DOM for rendering (to be decided)
  • Styling with latest standards of CSS3


  1. Decide on Mxx patters vs ECB
  2. Create template skeleton
  3. Documentation on each implemented component and pattern
  • How to implement WebComponent based UI/View components (not a framework)
  • How to do routing efficiently
  • How to build/publish the app
  • How to use CSS3 without the need for SASS/LESS (CSS preprocessors)
  1. Publish the documentation using this template
  2. Some final thoughts on the current state of the technology and performace analysis.
  3. Browser support matrix for each of the patterns/compnents used in the web app.


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